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MD5 chksum: 063997d55ab9f54d5988e1d3b9c7eab5

Technical details

WLAN AP addon includes:
  • hostapd v1.1
  • wpa_supplicant v1.1


Please do not mail me for support etc., feel free to mail me though if you insist and want to transfer large amounts of money to my account .
In case of trouble, things not working, etc. post a message in the english or german IPCop support forums. I do visit those from time to time.


2014-04-09 3.4.1 Change URL for version check
2014-02-14 3.4.0 Release for IPCop v2.1.1
Update hostapd to 1.1
Update wpa_supplicant to 1.1
Drop compat-wireless, use only IPCop provided drivers.
2012-02-14 3.2.4 Release for IPCop v2.0.3.
2011-11-18 3.2.1 Release for IPCop v2.0.2.
2011-11-07 3.2.0 Release for IPCop v2.0.1.
2011-10-09 3.1.1 Add udev stuff for compat_firmware_class.
2011-10-07 3.1.0 Add/Update kernel drivers using latest (stable) compact-wireless.
2011-10-04 3.0.3 Add calls to rc.event.local
2011-09-23 3.0.2 Release for IPCop v2.0.0

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